Dr. Elizabeth Cassel

Sedimentology and Tectonics
University of Idaho

Our geodynamic reconstructions of orogens depend on the spatial distribution and stability of paleotopography, which controls drainage systems, sediment transport patterns, and styles of deposition.  I combine sedimentologic, geochemical, and geo-/thermochronologic data to track changes in surface topography, paleogeomorphology, and exhumation patterns.  I am currently focusing on the Cenozoic history of the Cordilleran hinterland (multiple projects in the western US and Canada), the progression of uplift of the Andean Western Cordillera-Altiplano in southern Peru, and both empirical and experimental studies of volcanic glass hydration and stability.  These research projects involve collaborations with faculty at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Wisconsin, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, and Northern Arizona University.

If you are interested in graduate research and want to pursue tectonic questions through the basin record, I am accepting graduate students for next Fall and would be interested in hearing from you. If you are finishing your doctorate, and are interested in a post-doc, contact me if you'd like to work on a proposal together.

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