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Nez Perce
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  Nimipuu Consultants and Interviewees

Timothy (Tamootsin)

Timothy was the leader, along with Red Wolf, of the Alpowai band on the Snake River, just below Clarkston, Washington. Timothy was known to be very supportive of the Presbyterian Missionaries in Nez Perce country, being Spalding's first convert among the Nez Perce.
Timothy also served as a camp crier during the 1855 Treaty proceedings, as well as personally drafting official transcripts of the proceedings.

Timothy is credited with saving Col. Steptoe's command from the combined forces of the Spokane, Coeurd'Alene, and Palouse in May 17, 1858, after being completely surrounded. Timothy found a small gully that remained unguarded by the hostiles, by which they made their unlikely escape. After escaping any immediate danger, the beleaguered troops came upon a group from Timothy's band, after which the wounded were taken care of and even fed by Timothy, who slaughtered some of his own cattle for the occasion. In addition, he also provided horses for a company of volunteers, for which he was never compensated. In 1868, Timothy, Jason, and Lawyer were sent on delegation to Washington D.C. on behalf of the Nez Perce people.

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