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Looking Glass (Apus weyheyqt, Flint Necklace or "Old" Looking Glass)

"Old" Looking Glass was the son of Wearkoomt and an unknown woman. He was the father of the famous Looking Glass (Ala'limya Takaniin) or "Young" Looking Glass, who was a prominent leader during the Nez Perce War of 1877. "Old" Looking Glass made a dramatic entrance into the 1855 Treaty proceedings after returning from "Buffalo Country" where they were fighting the Blackfeet and hunting buffalo for three years. Looking Glass, accompanied by two other leaders: Eapalekt Helume Kawat (Cloud Piler or Pile of Cloud) and Quul quul Snehee (Red Owl), as well as a contingent of twenty warriors abruptly entered the council grounds and Looking Glass delivering these famous words: "My people, what have you done? While I was gone, you have sold my country. I have come home, and there is not left me a place on which to pitch my lodge. Go home to your lodges. I will talk to you." Although, Looking Glass eventually assented to the treaty, many of his words are still quoted to describe some of the feelings and experiences of the Nez Perce people during that critical period. "Old" Looking Glass died in January 1863, at the age of seventy-eight.

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