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Warm Springs
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Mountain View

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Spings has elected not to fully utilize this categorical heading in the organization and presentation of our cultural story and history. We feel that the elements of "geography," the land, rivers, lakes, and air, are of our culture and thoroughly integrated throughout our way of life. It is difficult to identify and isolate them for discussion outside their cultural context. We would prefer to discuss salmon and roots, for example, within the context of the seasonal round or our contemporary tribal programs concerned about natural resources.

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Rudy Clements, Warm Springs and Wasco elder, considers the sacred nature of the water and land, and the special responsibilities we have toward protecting the "juggular vain of the Creator." (Interviewed by Rodney Frey, July 2003)

In addition, many locations on the reservation are special and sacred to families. There are plants and animals at those locations that families have relied upon since time immemorial and are now being threatened with extinction. Individuals from outside our community have identified some of our sacred plants, and then gathered and marketed those plants for their own personal profit. The prairies on which our grandmothers continue digging the roots for our families are few and limited without further adding to this burden of exploitation to our landscape. It is for this reason that we have decided not to identify our special places, nor many of our plants and their growing locations.

We welcome your visitation to our country, but we ask that while you are traveling through Warm Springs country, you observe and respect, without disturbing, the rich plant and animal life which still abounds and upon that our way of life depends.

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs 2003

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