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Warm Springs
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Among the elders, consultants, and interviewees who participated in the Warm Springs - Lewis and Clark Rediscovery Project and to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for making this project possible are:

Howard "Howie" Arnett

Garland Brunoe

Robert "Bobby" Brunoe

Warren "Rudy" Clements

Harrison Davis, Sr.

Jacob Frank

Myrna Frank

Pat Courtney Gold

Dennis Karnopp

Deanie Johnson

Marcia Macy

Adeline Miller

Patricia Miller

Ralph Minnick

Rob Moran

Rose Moran

Lydia Murphy

Lillian Pitt

Arlita Rhoan

Brenda Scott

Mavis Shaw

Suzie Slockish

Theron "Mish" Spino

Roy Spino

Margaret Suppah

Maxine Switzler

Valerie Switzler

Margie Tuckta

Reggie Winishut

Emily Waheneka

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs 2003

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