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Middle Eastern Architecture

Al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem

Damascus Architecture

Jordanian Architecture

Baha'i Architecture


Islamic Architecture

This website is a good introduction to Islamic art and architecture.  Categories such as Influencing the West, Architectural Future, Sites, Expression of Power, Materials and Techniques, and Faith and Knowledge, among others, provide a good background for beginning research.

Islamic Architecture at the MIT Rotch Library

This site is good for all Islamic architecture.  By clicking on "images" you can find pictures of samples of architecture from nearly any country where Islamic architecture exists. 


An online community for architects, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and scholars with a special focus on the Islamic world.

Architecture of Isfahan

This site not only tells about the history and status of Isfahan but also has links to mosques and shrines, bridges and palaces, and fundamental concepts. The fundamental concepts link, although still partly under construction, gives a description of the eight traditional forms of Islamic architecture, the influence of Shi段sm and Sufism, and the use of texture. The photos in this link are delightful.

Islamic Architecture: The Holy City of Kairouan

This is a travelogue of the holy city of Kairouan, Tunisia, and its great mosque. One photo and one QuickTime VR are included.

Al Mashriq: The Levant, cultural riches from the countries of the eastern Mediterranean

Includes information and photos of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and other cities and cultures in the Eastern Mediterranean. Very interesting.

Mosques Around the World

This site has photos of a lot of mosques around the world, it also has a particularly interesting power point presentation about the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Mosques Around the World

 Photos and brief descriptions of mosques around the world.

Open Directory Project: Mosques

Carefully edited links to articles about mosques, including the Dome of the Rock, and the Great Mosque of Damascus.

Aga Khan Visual Archives

Photos of mosques throughout the world.  

Islamic Art (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

This site is actually a web site for a class on Islamic art at St. Mary's College of Maryland.  Its "further Readings," "Links," and "images" sections are of special interest.


This is an educational link to mosques.  It has small detail pictures of the Mosque of Damascus, and other mosques around the world.  It also explains and illustrates the principles behind the design of the mosques themselves.

Islamic Mosques Photo Album

Slides of the Ka'aba, Dome of the Rock, and Al Aqsa Mosque.


Al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock

This site is written by the Author Roger Garaudy who says a careful  "reading" of the monument to grasp its inner spiritual meaning reveals that it contains the germ of the major themes in "Islamic art," whose fundamental purpose is to express the faith revealed in the Qur'an.  This site discusses four main points pertaining to the dome.  They are: The Dome as the first Muslim Masterpiece,  the Site,  History,  and Architecture.

Noble Sanctuary Online Guide

This site briefly discusses the temple mount, or Al-Haram al-Sharif as it is known to the Muslims. It also discusses the buildings in Al-Haram al-Sharif, such as the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and others. The home page has a map superimposed over a photo that help orient the viewer, and each building page includes a small location map and photo.

Great Buildings Online

This site offers a few good pictures along with a 3D massing model.  Very brief information is provided and a quote from Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism by Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman.

Co-Instructive Course: Dome of The Rock

This text of this sites is taken from The Art and Architecture of Islam  650-1250 (pp.28-34): by Richard Ettinghausen and Oleg Grabar. It talks about the building's architecture and the reasoning behind its construction.  Plan and section views are offered here as well as a few photographs.

Dome of the Rock

Site of the history of the Dome of the Rock and photos of the exterior and interior. Part of a larger web site on sacred sites throughout the world.

Dome of the Rock

This web page has two small photos of the Dome of the Rock and a model of the Dome.

The Noble Sanctuary

This site has a short history and a nice pictures of both the Dome of the Rock and the AL-Aqsa Mosque along with other sites of interest in Jerusalem.

The Temple Mount - the Haram-esh-Sharif

A brief history of the Temple Mount (in Jerusalem). Part of the Jewish Virtual Library.

Sacred Places: Dome of the Rock, Israel

Brief history and photos including interior.

The Dome of the Rock

Uncaptioned photos of the exterior of the Dome of the Rock.

History of Al Aqsa Mosque

History of Al Aqsa Mosque. No graphics.

Islamic Mosques Photo Album

Slides of the Ka'aba, Dome of the Rock, and Al Aqsa Mosque.


Damascus Architecture

The Damascus Collection

Lots of photos of Damascus. Part of the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Collection.

Damascus City

This part of a tourism web site on Syria. It includes lots of nice pictures of the Mosque of Damascus.  From the Syria home page is a link to a web site on Lebanon.


Jordanian Architecture


This site provides historical information on Petra and Jerash, Jordan. It has great photos, mostly in black and white. This web page has useful links and a place from which to search for additional information on Jordan.


The introduction provides a brief history then leads you to a map on which the various buildings are located. The buildings and features are described in sequence and are illustrated with terrific color photos. This web site looks great and is well organized.


This site has a clickable map from where you can access short descriptions and photos of Petra, Jerash, and other places of historic interest. This is part of a larger web site by Nebo Tours.

Petra: The Drama of History

This site includes a description, five good color photos, and a quick time movie clip of Petra. 

Petra, Jordan: The Rose Colour City

This includes a brief history of the area including mention of Petra's rediscovery in 1812. Of most interest is a lithograph by David Robert from the 1830 and its comparison with a 1997 photo to show how much Petra has weathered in 160 years. Going up to the home page will link you to sites on other places such as Cairo and Damascus.

Focus Multimedia Online Magazine: Ancient Cities of Jordan

For each of the three cities included-Petra, Jerash, and Wadi Rum-there are color photos and a description of the history and architecture.

History of the Rose-Red City

This is a brief account of the discovery of Petra by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt and a history of Petra as recounted by a local tour guide.

Jordan-A Country of Study

This thorough text analyzes Jordan's political, economic, social, and national security systems and culture. It was prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.


Baha段 Architecture

A Baha段 Faith Page

This web site provides links to sites under the following topics; a description of the Baha段 Faith, personal sites by Baha段s, non-Baha段 sites of interest, Baha段 graphics, introduction to the internet, and how to build a Baha段 web page, etc. Some of the web page builder links could be helpful to anyone.

Images of the of the Baha段 World Centre

This web page is divided into the following sections: Haifa and Mt. Carmel, Bahji, Akka, Mazarih and Ridvan, and historical places of Israel. Each section has a short introduction at the topic and is followed by a series of small photos with short descriptions.

The Baha段 House of Worship- Wilmette Illinois

This web site is not the official sight of this house of worship but has a full photo of the temple, a short physical description, directions to the temple, and personal memoirs of visiting the temple. There is also a link from here to learn more about the Baha段 Faith.

Baha段 House of Worship, Ishkhabad

This designer used historical documents and photos to research the first Baha段 house of worship and then used Microstation to build a three-dimensional CADD model of what he thinks it would have been like. The site also includes the historical background of the temple including information on when it was destroyed by the Russian Government along with examples of the project痴 process.

Baha段 Houses of Worship

This is probably my favorite site. The home page has images of all the different temples and then has links to the temple in India, the temple in America, Israel and more. Both sites on the India and America temple have a good range of information. The India link even has some architectural drawings and pictures of the construction.

Baha段 Houses of Worship

This site gives a short description of what Baha段 houses of worship are used for and how they relate to the Faith they represent. There is also a photo of each temple with a paragraph description. This is a good link for a quick view of Baha段 temples.

The Album of Views Gallery

This site includes a wide selection of hand-tinted photographs taken of Baha段 Holy places c. 1903-1911.