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Top Student Questions

  1. Where's my course?
    Your instructor chooses when to turn on their course. Learn more »
  2. My quiz just crashed, now what?
    Restart all Web browser windows and try to login to BbLearn again. Some tests are setup to allow you continue. Otherwise, you'll need to negotiate with your instructor. Learn more »
  3. Why won't my file upload?
    Ensure that there are no special characters (e.g., #%&@) in the filename and that the file name is not extremely long. If the file is large, it may take a while to upload depending on your Internet connection speed. If you can, move to a wired rather than wireless connection for a faster upload. Learn more »
  4. Why won't Collaborate launch?
    First, check the start time for the collaborate meeting. You won't be able to launch a meeting that hasn't started yet. See the troubleshooting tips on the main Collaborate help page. Learn more »
  5. Why is the "Updates" page incorrect?
    There is a known Bug in the course Updates area, accessed under the user's profile, which lists course information duplicatively, and course announcements are mislabeled with the wrong course. Learn more »

Top Instructor Questions

  1. How can I tell if my course is working?
    The Course Review process is fairly simple with use of a Test Student. Learn more »
  2. Where is the Grade Center scroll bar?
    Mac computers need to make a quick adjustment to their system preferences to fix the scroll bar issue in the grade center. Learn more »
  3. How do I add students and turn my course on?
    Students are automatically added about two weeks before the semester starts, but you need to set your course availability under the Turn Course ON-OFF option in your course's Control Panel. Learn more »
  4. How do I get content into my course?
    You may copy a previous course's contents into the current semester or you may build from scratch. Learn more »

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