Add Curve to Final Grades

It is recommended that you apply a curve using Excel. However, if you'd prefer to use BbLearn it is a two step process to add a curve to your final grades. You will create a column which will hold the value of the curve, and then you will create a Total Column which will add the curve column to your original column total.

STEP 1: Create the Curve

  • On the Control Panel, click on Grade Center
  • Under Grade Center, click on Full Grade Center
  • On the Full Grade Center page Action Bar, click on Create Column
  • Enter a column name (e.g., Curve)
  • Enter a point value of 0 (i.e. zero)
  • Press Submit to create the column
  • BbLearn will display a success message indicating the column was created successfully
  • Scroll to the right to locate columns newly created Curve column
  • In the Curve column, click on each student's score* and enter the amount of the curve. (e.g., 5.00) The curve amount can be expressed as either a percentage or a raw point value depending on what you add it to in STEP 2, below. (Example shows adding a curve amount of 5%.)

    *Note: We do not have a way to add points in bulk; you must enter the curve value for each student.

STEP 2: Total the Grades

Now we need a column that will combine the original total score, with the new curve

  • Point to Create Calculated Column on the Action Bar and select Total Column
  • Enter a Column Name (e.g., Final Grades)
  • Set the Primary and Secondary display options
  • Under Select Columns, check the Selected Columns and Categories option
  • Highlight each column that needs to be included in this total (i.e. select the original Total column and the Curve column) and press the right facing arrow to select them
  • Press Submit to create your Final Grades column which includes a Curve
  • BbLearn will display a success message indicating the column has been created
  • If you've added grades to your Test Student or real students you should see those results in the grade center

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