Grade Assignments


An assignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with an exclamation mark which is the Needs Grading icon. Instructors have the option to grade assignments anonymously. Assignments that need grading can be accessed from:

Grade an Assignment

To start grading an assignment, follow the steps below:

  • Under the Grade Center, select Full Grade Center.
  • Click the action menu for the student's assignment that you want to grade.
  • Select the Attempt you want to grade from the drop down menu.
  • Click the Hide Course Menu bar (hover on right side of menu).
  • Click the Maximize View button (4 arrow icon in top right corner of assignment details).
  • Click the Collapse Grading Panel button (greater than symbol in top right corner of assignment details).
  • The screenshot below shows an example of a maximized assignment submission.
  • Common file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF will automatically open allowing for Inline Grading without having to download the files. Otherwise, you'll be able to download their assignment files in batch or individually.
  1. If you are using SafeAssign, the plagiarism detection software, for this assignment...[CLICK TO EXPAND]
    You should see an originality score for the student's attempt. If instead, you see "Report in progress...", this just means the SafeAssign originality report has not yet been processed and you should check back later. You may need to exit and return to refresh the browser.
    SafeAssign should be used as a proactive tool rather than a policing tool. The originality score is ONLY a warning indicator and is not a measure of student intentions or dishonesty. Originality scores below 15% show NO EVIDENCE of plagiarism. Review work with scores above 15% to see if the matches are properly attributed. It is the instructor's responsibility to examine the phrases that match outside sources and determine if they are properly attributed. Please review each case carefully.
    Learn more >>
    - Click SafeAssign to expand this section.

    - Click View Originality Report

    - Student work marked with a color is found to match other sources. The originality report displays the list of potential sources and each source is highlighted in a different color.

    - Click a highlighted phrase in the text of the work to view a comparison of it to the original source.

    - By default, all sources are included. Click Select Sources and Resubmit to exclude sources from the results.

    - Clear the check box for each source you wish to exclude from the results and then press Resubmit.

    - Click on the printer icon at the top of the page to print the originality report.

    - Close the originality report when you are done viewing it.

  • Next to the Attempt details, enter a Grade and Feedback for your student.
  • Attach files to give back to your student by clicking the paperclip, pressing Browse My Computer to locate the file, and (optionally) changing the file link title to something different. Press Submit when you are finished.
  • Press Submit to finish grading the assignment.

Grading Options for Assignments

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