Assessment & Grading

Official Grades are posted using VandalWeb. However, you may use the BbLearn's Grade Center to provide your students with secure, private, up-to-date progress on their grades.

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Top 3 Grading Tips

  1. Add "My Grades" tool so your students can see their grades.
  2. Show ALL Grade Columns to Instructor to adjust which are included in the calculations.
  3. Verify Grades with your "Test Student". See what students see, check calculations.


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Tests & Surveys

Online quizzes with automatic grading, and anonymous surveys. more »

Calculate Grades

Letter Grade, Weighted Totals, Curves, and Dropping the Lowest Score. more »

Grade Submissions

Enter Grades & Feedback, Rubrics, Extra Credit, Post to VandalWeb. more »

Date Management

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Retention Center

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More Help


  1. Why can't my students see their Grades?
    Have you added the My Grades tool, and set the grades to show? Learn more »
  2. My Grade Center is blank!
    If your grades have gone missing in a course, and have been replaced by an error parsing message you can fix this using Mozilla Firefox. Learn more »
  3. Why can't my students see their Test?
    To Activate a Test check the Make Link Available option, and set the date range appropriately. Also, remove old Adaptive Release.
  4. Why can't a student see a missed assignment/test within "My Grades"?
    After a due date has passed, BbLearn currently only shows grade columns that have a score. If a student missed the assignment/test, enter a score of zero manually, then the activity will show in their my grades area.
  5. What's with the "Alignments"?
    The Alignments feature is not currently being used on the UIDAHO campus. More info »
  6. Why can't I enter a formula to calculate grades.
    Most common tasks can be completed with the Calculated columns, but if you're needs are more advanced you can download the grade center, work with it in Excel, and then upload it back into BbLearn.
  7. Why doesn't the printed Grade Center include all columns or rows.
    You may print the Grade Center by downloading it to Excel .
  8. Why can't I enter grades manually?
    Turn Edit Mode "ON"
  9. Why don't columns worth zero points total up (e.g., several extra credit columns)?
    You can, just make each column worth 0.000001 points.
  10. Why does HTML display when "Grading by Question"?
    No fix yet, problem has been reported.
  11. Why can't the secondary display for Grade Center column be cleared?
    No fix yet, problem has been reported.
  12. Why is a student missing from my Grade Center?
    It's possible that the student either dropped, or you have hidden them in the Grade Center.

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