BbLearn Essentials

BbLearn - First Look Video (7.5 min)

BbLearn provides many innovative and easy-to-use features. These features promote improved student-teacher and peer interaction by providing support for student collaboration and group work through the use of blogs, wikis and improved group discussion forums.

Ready to get started?

  1. Request Assistance with BbLearn
  2. Login Help for
  3. Web Browser Setup
  4. Course Setup explains courses and enrollments.

Quick How-To's

  1. Add Course Content
  2. Use "Student Preview" mode for testing
  3. Turn Course "ON" for Students
  4. Search BbLearn Help for answers to your questions.

Need to work ahead?

  1. Request a [PREP] Course if your course space has not yet been auto-generated
  2. Copy [PREP] materials into the upcoming term's course shell

Not finding what you need? Try BbLearn's User Manual.
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