BbLearn Essentials

BbLearn - First Look Video (6 min)

BbLearn provides many innovative and easy-to-use features. These features promote improved student-teacher and peer interaction by providing support for student collaboration and group work through the use of blogs, wikis and improved group discussion forums.

Ready to get started?

  1. Sign-up for BbLearn Training
  2. Login Help for
  3. Web Browser Setup
  4. Course Setup explains courses and enrollments.

Quick How-To's

  1. Add Course Content
  2. Preview Course as "Test Student"
  3. Turn Course "ON" for Students
  4. Search BbLearn Help for answers to your questions.

Need to work ahead?

  1. Request a [PREP] Course if your course space has not yet been auto-generated
  2. Copy [PREP] materials into the upcoming term's course shell

Not finding what you need? Try BbLearn's User Manual.
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