Collaborate Classic

Collaborate Classic is a powerful live web conferencing application integrated with BbLearn. That being said, the "live" aspect means that this technology is more complex and requires some preparation on your part. If you wish to use a completely web-based interface of Collaborate which has a modern look and feel, check out Collaborate Ultra.

Collaborate Classic's Time Zone is presented as US Pacific Time (PT). Please instruct your students to convert the Pacific Time (PT) displayed in Collaborate Classic to their own time zones.

Get Prepared

  • System Requirements
    • USB Headset or Audio plug Headset REQUIRED
    • Microphone REQUIRED
    • Webcam Optional
    • 256+ MB ram
    • Sound Card
    • 20+ MB free disk space
    • 28.8 kbps Internet speed (High Speed Internet strongly recommended)
  • Add Collaborate Classic Tool (add to course menu)
    • Ensure that Edit Mode is ON.
    • Point to the PLUS symbol above the course menu.
    • Select Tool Link.
    • Enter a Name such as Collaborate Classic.
    • Set the Type to Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager.
    • Check the Available to Users option.
    • Press Submit.
  • Install Collaborate Launcher (40MB download)
    • Within your course's Collaborate Classic tool, click the Join Room button.
    • Click download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher link (40MB).
    • Click Download Launcher button, and save to your computer.
    • Install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher file you just downloaded by double clicking on it. This file is typically saved into a Download folder.
  • Run Collaborate Classic (join room)
    • Within your course's Collaborate Classic tool, click the Join Room button twice.
    • If you see the First time user box, click Launch Blackboard Collaborate now link
    • Open meeting.collab to begin a Collaborate Classic session.
      Learn more »
  • Setup your Audio (mic & headset)
    • You MUST use a Headset & turn your speakers OFF! Within a Blackboard Collaborate Classic session click the menu Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard. If you experience audio problems, run the Audio Setup Wizard again, even if you've already run it. Learn more »

Get Started



Additional Support

Emergency! Need help now?

View Collaborate Outage Status

Live Chat/Phone Help < 24x7

Blackboard Collaborate 24x7 Support

Use a wired Internet connection if wireless is giving you problems.
If all else fails, use the emergency Phone Bridge to call in. Call the phone number listed on the Room Details page (see below). Blackboard Collaborate Phone Bridge


  • Collaborate Launcher won't Launch
  • Audio Problems?
    • Talk Button Pressed to Talk?
    • Headset Unplugged?
    • Headset Turned Off?
    • Mute Turned On?
    • Speakers Turned On?
    • Volume Too Set Low?
    • Run the Audio Setup Wizard AGAIN
  • "Connection Fail: Conference Locked"

    A moderator may lock a room to prevent new Participants from joining?causing new Participants to receive a Connection Failed: Conference is Locked message. Unlock a session by selecting Moderator > Allow New Participants to Enter Session

  • "Unknown User" Error

    This error occurs when you are using an expired .collab file. Apply the fix.

  • Mobile Devices

    Do not moderate a session from a mobile device. Moderator-only functions are not supported on mobile devices. Moderators should join the session from a desktop or laptop computer.

    Participate using a Mobile Device:
    1. Install the Collaborate Mobile App.
    2. Login to your course using your mobile device's standard Web browser and launch Collaborate Classic from within your BbLearn course.
    ANDROID Users: Collaborate Classic cannot be launched from within the Blackboard Mobile app. Open Collaborate Classic from your Web browser. This will launch the Collaborate Mobile app.

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