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"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember, involve me and I'll understand." -- George Kissell

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Communication Tools (11 min)
An introduction to the Community Building tools available to you.
Community Building OverviewCommunity Building Experience (4 min)
Professor Victoria Author speaks on the importance of building a community.


  • If your communication needs are basic, the simplest solution may be Announcements & Email, or a Discussion Board.
  • If you need a live classroom experience where you present and share visuals while talking with your students, Collaborate may work for you.
  • If you mostly just need to chat live with your students or colleagues, then Skype may be simpler.

Announcements & Email

Send announcements, email, internal course messages. more »


Live web conferencing designed to simulate a live lecture classroom. more »

Blogs & Journals

Blogs are shared with fellow students, Journals are private. more »

Discussion Boards

Asynchronous threaded conversations. File attachment allowed. more »

Voice Boards

Record voice discussions, rather than text dicussions. more »

Student Groups

Group file sharing, blogs, discussions, email, journals, and wikis. more »

Google Drive

Create, share, and do live document editing as a group. more »


An easy to use conferencing tool, great for office hours. more »


Students can contribute to course related materials. more »

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