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Take note of your document's file size. Smaller files allow your course to perform better online. Large courses have problems successfully copying from semester to semester. Students may also have trouble downloading large files. If your course fails to copy, or you have questions about compressing your files, contact DEE Help for assistance. 

Course Design

Instructional design tips, homepage and banner, theme. more »

Add Content

Syllabus and schedules, audio, video, text, images, files, mashups. more »

Lecture & Present

Collaborate, presentations, audio, video, clickers, etc. more »

Community Building

Collaborate, blogs, discussions, voice boards, groups. more »

Assessments & Grading

Create online assignments, tests, surveys, and grade these activities. more »

More Help

  • Adaptive Release: Limit access to course content for specified students.
  • Organize Content: Copy, move, reorder content and course menu, hide or show content.
  • Remove Content: Hide or remove content, menu items, tools, files.
  • Transfer Content: Add content from another course, website, publisher, or instructor.


  1. How do I make my course content "Accessible"?
    The BbLearn environment is designed to be accessible to screen readers. Ensure that your content is too with Alt tags and transcripts. Learn more »
  2. How to I add Video?
    The simplest way to add video is with the YouTube Mashup. Learn more »
  3. Can I upload multiple files at once?
    Yes, BbLearn has a built-in file uploader which allows you to upload several individual files, and/or entire folders full of content. Learn more »

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