VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration tool, which enables users to add their own voices to images, documents, and videos. This tool has been available over the years to users external to BbLearn, but is now integrated into BbLearn.

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Browser Limitations

If you are using a browser other than Chrome or Firefox, you will NOT be allowed to record audio and video in VoiceThread.

All types of VoiceThreads can be opened and viewed in various browsers, but recording audio and video within VoiceThread requires HTML5 and thus, can only be done in Chrome and Firefox for now.

VoiceThread Options

  • Course View - Display the collection of VoiceThreads that are shared with your course. This is the best option if you want students to create VoiceThreads and also comment on each other's work. Any grading, however, will have to be done without VoiceThread's assistance. (Note: Each VoiceThread owner MUST choose to "Share with the Class" for others to see and comment on.)
  • Assignment Builder - The three VoiceThread assignment options listed below make it easy to grade student work during viewing/listening--reducing the time it takes to grade. Grades entered into VoiceThread automatically transfer to BbLearn's Grade Center.
    • Create VoiceThread - Award points for creating and submitting a VoiceThread. Note that student viewing and commenting on peer submissions cannot be done directly through this option. To provide students with a way to comment on submissions by their peers:
      • Provide a link to Course View in addition to the Create VoiceThread link to allow students to comment on each other's shared VoiceThreads.
      • Ask each student to check the box provided during submission to share their VoiceThread with the class.
    • Submit Comment - Award points once students successfully submit 'x' comments for an instructor's VoiceThread. By default, all comments are shared with peers. However, this option also allows instructors to moderate comments and thus, is the best option for assignment submissions that must remain private.
    • Watch VoiceThread - Award points to students for watching an instructor's VoiceThread.
  • Individual VoiceThread - Show a specific VoiceThread by the instructor. (Note: This option produces a result that is similar to linking to a YouTube video. Students click on the link to watch/listen to a specific VoiceThread.)
  • VoiceThread Home - Show all VoiceThreads created by or shared with the user. VoiceThreads shared in other classes will show in addition to the VoiceThreads from your class. (Note: This is the same view shown when accessing VoiceThread externally.)

Add VoiceThread Link

"Student Preview" Incompatibility

At this time, VoiceThread setup through BbLearn cannot be tested for functionality using your Student Preview account (or your username_s account). This is because VoiceThread uses your email account as its unique identifier.

  • Go to any Content Area in your course
  • Click on Tools
  • Select VoiceThread (External Tool)
  • Enter Name (e.g. VoiceThread Assignment)
  • For Enable Evaluation:
    • YES
      If you answer YES, enter the Points Possible for the VoiceThread Assignment. This option makes it easy to grade student work during VoiceThread viewing. Grades entered automatically transfer to a grade column in BbLearn's Grade Center. Note: VoiceThread Assignment will only appear as a choice if you select YES here.
    • NO
      Select NO if you do not wish to grade the VoiceThread work done by your students -- or if you plan to grade without VoiceThread's assistance.
  • Press Submit.

Deliver VoiceThread Assignment

Assignment Builder is the portion of VoiceThread that integrates with BbLearn's Grade Center.

  • Click the VoiceThread link created in the step above.
  • Select Assignment Builder.
  • Select Type of Assignment you wish to create from the three options listed below.
    Watch VoiceThread in Blackboard (6.5 min) to learn more about these options.
    • Create VoiceThread - require students to create and submit a VoiceThread
    • Submit Comment - require students to submit 'x' comments on one of your provided VoiceThreads
    • Watch VoiceThread - require students to watch one of your provided VoiceThreads
  • Note: You have the option to allow students to resubmit if you choose. We DON'T recommend allowing resubmission for voicethread assignments. The student interface does not make it clear that students will be replacing their submission rather than just adding to it. But more importantly, the only submission you can see is the last one. New submissions simply replace the existing ones. This replacement occurs even after the student has been issued a grade!

Grade VoiceThread Assignment

  • Once the VoiceThread Assignment is setup, click on its link to enter the VoiceThread Grader for that assignment.
  • It lists all students on the right hand side?categorized by Submitted and Not Submitted.
  • VoiceThread provides an option to send out email reminders to students that have not yet submitted.
  • For each student with submissions, click on the provided links to examine their work.
  • Enter a grade for a student on a scale of 0-100 and press enter. (Grading in VoiceThread is always done on a percentage scale.)
  • Grades entered for this assignment will automatically appear in the appropriate column in BbLearn's Grade Center.

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