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myBrainShark is an easy to use online tool that allows you to quickly combine your voice narration with your powerpoint slides. You can also include video and add polls to your presentation to get direct feedback from your students. myBrainShark enables you to provide a more engaging experiences for on your students. Learn more »



myBrainShark presentations, voice presentations, screencasting. more »


Record or upload your videos with YouTube, or Vimeo. more »


Recording tips, voice authoring, other audio sources. more »


Simulate a classroom environment with live web conferencing. more »

Turning Point Clickers

Turning Point Clicker integration with BbLearn. more »

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  1. How do I make my course content "Accessible"?
    The BbLearn environment is designed to be accessible to screen readers. Ensure that your content is too with Alt tags and transcripts. Learn more »
  2. Why won't Collaborate Load?
    First, check the start time for the collaborate meeting. You won't be able to launch a meeting that hasn't started yet. Also, check that you have the lastest verion of JAVA installed. See the troubleshooting tips on the main Collaborate help page. Learn more »
  3. Why is the Collaborate session not active?
    Typically this means the session start time has not been reached.
  4. Why is Audio not working in Collaborate?
    Always run the Audio Setup Wizard when you start Collaborate, even after you've run it in the past. Things can change on your computer. The Audio Setup Wizard will help get your audio running. Learn more »
  5. Why is Voice Author recording no saving?
    If you're using the Text Editor to insert a Voice Author recording, click inside the editor first. Learn more »

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