YouTube Recorder

YouTube Recorder Discontinued!

Google announced that their webcam capture feature is no longer available and thus, the BbLearn YouTube Recorder feature has been discontinued.


Options include Screencast-o-Matic (Windows), VoiceThread, QuickTime Movie/Screen Recording (Mac), Phone/Tablet Camera App (iOS or Android), Photo Booth (Mac OS X), and Camera (Windows 8+). If you have another OS, you may need to look up how to record videos using your webcam by referencing your device manual or searching online.

Upload Your Video

Don't store video in BbLearn! BbLearn does not perform well as a video host. Instead, upload your video files to YouTube, Vimeo, or the UIDAHO Academic Web service, and then link to your video from BbLearn.

Link to Your Video (3 options)

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