Make Course Available to Students

Students are automatically added to BbLearn courses about two weeks before the start of a semester, but before students see a course in BbLearn, it must be made available or "turned on" by the instructor. If it belongs to a merge of several sections, make the "MASTER COURSE" available, but do NOT make the "Child courses" available. Making courses available automatically triggers an email to your enrolled students. 

Turn course ON for your students:

  • Under the Control Panel, expand Turn Course ON-OFF.
  • Select Course Availability.
  • Under Set Availability, check Yes to make your course available to your students. Do NOT select the "Term Mode" option.
  • Press Submit.
  • Your students will receive an email with details on how to login to your course.

Section Merges

If you have a Section Merge with a MASTER COURSE, DO NOT turn "ON" or make your "CHILD" sections available to students. If you do, students will see two identically titled hyperlinks to your course. One link will take them to your "MASTER COURSE" and the other will take them to the "CHILD" section. These two are stored in separate locations and do not share course material, discussions, assignments, assessments, grade centers, etc. Giving students access to both the "MASTER COURSE" and their "CHILD" section will cause confusion and frustration.

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