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BbLearn courses are auto-generated about two months before the semester. If you need to work ahead, or would just like a course space to experiment with, you may request a [PREP] course space.

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  1. Where's my Course?
    Courses are auto-generated about two months before the semester begins. If a course you're teaching is not listed in your BbLearn Course list, check to see if the course is hidden. If the course is missing, check with your Departmental Administrative Assistant to verify you have been assigned as an "Instructor / Builder-Grader / Grader" in Banner (COWS). This process can take 4-8 hours to synch between Banner and BbLearn. If these hints do not help, email for assistance. Learn more »
  2. Can I get rid of all the old courses?
    All University of Idaho courses which are offered "for credit" are automatically removed from the BbLearn system 2 years after their term start date. This timeline is provided to allow for grade challenges. You cannot remove the course space yourself, but you can View Courses by Term, and then collapse past terms so you don't see them. You may also hide inactive courses. Learn more »
  3. How can I combine several courses into one?
    Request a course merge.

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