Course Copy

Quick Tip

Course Copy Direction
  1. Copy content FROM an OLD course WITH CONTENT INTO a NEW course (which is typically BLANK) using the SELECT ALL option.
  2. Be VERY CAREFUL when performing a course copy! It takes just seconds to corrupt valuable content if the course copy is . . .
    • done in the wrong direction.
    • done from/into the wrong course (wrong year, wrong semester).
    • done multiple times into the same course.
  3. Do not perform a "COURSE COPY" multiple times into the SAME course. The "Course Copy" process is an additive which means it leaves in place whatever content is already in the destination course.

Read common course copy problems & solutions.


  1. Copy your Course
  2. Edit & Clean-up Copied Results
    (e.g., Delete old discussions & announcements)

Copy your Course

  • Login to the course containing content. Verify you are in the correct course. Check semester, year, course number, and source content.
  • Under Control Panel, expand Packages and Utilities.
  • Select Course Copy.
  • For Destination Course ID, press the Browse... button to select the course where you want to add content. Verify that you have selected the correct course. Check semester, year, course number, typically blank course.
  • Press Select All to copy your course content to the destination course.
  • Under Select Copy Options uncheck Announcements.
  • Under Discussion Board, select Include only the forums, with no starter posts.
  • Under Settings leave Availability uncheck.
  • Under File Attachments, you may choose to copy all your files, or just the files you have linked within your course.
    ATTENTION: If your course contains multimedia presentations, or custom html files which link to other files, select Copy all content, including unlinked files.
  • Press Submit.
  • BbLearn displays a Success: Course Copy action QUEUED message. This means the copy is not complete, but the request has been sent to the server.
  • DO NOT PERFORM A "COURSE COPY" MULTIPLE TIMES. If you experience a problem copying your course, contact
Even after receiving the Course Copy email confirmation, you may need to log out and WAIT 15 minutes before the destination course will show all of the copied content. If your course contains large files, the copy process will take even longer.

Edit & Clean-up Copied Results

Old content such as discussion posts, and announcements may have copied over from the original course and should be deleted from the new course.

If you experience a problem copying your course, contact


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