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The Course Copy tool allows you to copy content from one course to another. TIP: Start the copy from the OLD course.

Course Copy

Course Copy

Copy your content from one course to another. Cleanup old content that copies over. more »

Transfer between Instructors

Provide another instructor a copy of your course content. more »

Publisher Materials

Integrate materials from Cengage, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, or Wiley. more »

External Materials

Web Link, Video, Embeds, Import Course Package, Library E-Reserve. more »

More Help

  • Backup Course: Download Grade Center, files, course content.
  • Download Files: Download files that you've previously uploaded to your course.
  • Organize Content: Copy, move, reorder content and course menu, hide or show content.


  1. How do I get my content into this semester's course?
    Typically you will copy a previous course into the current semester, or you may build from scratch. Learn more »
  2. How do I give my content to another instructor?
    There are several methods of transferring content between instructors. Adding the other instructor as a Course Builder to the original course is the simplest option. Learn more »

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