Submit an Assignment

Submit Assignments once you have completed them so that your instructor may grade your work. (See the PDF Converter page for assistance in converting from one file type to another.)

  • Go to the Assignment's location (e.g., Getting Started).
  • Click on the Title of the Assignment to submit your work (e.g., Assignment 1).
  • On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions for the assignment listed under Assignment Information.


Students are responsible for verifying a successful submission of an assignment by confirming that they can view and/or download their submitted work via BbLearn.

Verify Your Assignment Submission

Group Assignment Submission

For a group assignment, each group appoints one team member to submit one collaborative assignment for the group.

If you are attempting to submit a group assignment and you see a Review Submission History page containing a "Continue" button, click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the submission area. If you do not see a "Continue" button, it is possible that someone else in your group already submitted the group assignment.

  • If your instructor is using BbLearn's Plagiarism Detection Software, SafeAssign, for this assignment, you will see the following language displayed directly under the Assignment Information. This language indicates that by submitting your work, you agree to allow it to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign services. If you have questions regarding this, please contact your Instructor for further clarification.
  • Click Browse Your Computer to attach your assignment submission file.
    See file naming help to ensure your assignment is viewable.
  • Optional: Click the Write Submission to type your submission directly into the text box editor.
    CAUTION: If you use the text box editor, it's recommended that you type your assignment offline, and then paste it in using Control + V (or Mac - Command + V). Always save a copy of your assignment for your records.
  • Optional: If this is a SafeAssign Assignment, you may check the box provided to voluntarily agree to submit your work to the Global Reference Database which is a separate database used to help prevent plagiarism. You are NOT REQUIRED to check this box to submit your work.
  • Optional: Add Comments about the Assignment for your instructor to read.
  • Click on the Submit button to send the Assignment to your instructor.
  • BbLearn displays a Success Message at the top of the Review Submission History page confirming your assignment has been successfully submitted to your instructor.

If you do not see a confirmation message immediately after submitting your assignment, your submission may not have been successful and you may need to retry submitting it.

Verify Your Assignment Submission

After submitting an assignment, you may review your Assignment Submission at any time from within My Grades to verify a successful submission.

  • Click My Grades on the course Menu.
  • Click on the Title for the assignment you submitted.

    Alternatively, if the assignment is still available, you can return to the assignment and follow its prompts to view your submission.
  • If your assignment is a Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or Adobe PDF, a preview of the submission should display within BbLearn as shown below.
  • Your original submission can be downloaded using the down arrow icon above the assignment. If available, you may download the annotated version of the submission (i.e. the version with your instructor's inline grading comments) by selecting the Download annotated PDF option.
  • If the assignment preview doesn't display as expected, try viewing it using an alternative Web browser.
  • If this is a SafeAssign assignment and your instructor permits you to view the originality report, you should see an originality score for your work. If instead you see "Report in progress...", this just means the SafeAssign originality report has not yet been processed and you should check back later. You may need to exit and return to refresh the browser.
    NOTE: The originality score is ONLY a warning indicator and is not a measure of your intentions or dishonesty. Originality scores below 15% show NO EVIDENCE of plagiarism. Review work with scores above 15% to see if the matches are properly attributed.
    • Click SafeAssign to expand this section.
    • Click View Originality Report.
    • If some of your work has been marked with a color, this indicates a match to other sources was found. The originality report displays the list of potential sources and each source is highlighted in a different color.
    • Click a highlighted phrase in the text of the work to view a comparison of it to the original source.
    • Click on the printer icon at the top of the page to print the originality report.
    • Close the originality report when you are done viewing it.
  • When you are done reviewing your Assignment Submission, click OK in the lower right corner of the window.

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