Both Mayda and Ashley Got the Pleasure of Watching Mayda's 
Algebra Grade Improve

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Ashley's story -  Mayda's story
Ashley Cardona likes the role of peer tutor because she "likes the feeling of helping a student's grade improve." 
     One of her most dramatic tutoring experiences came with a friend and colleague in her Upward Bound program at Caldwell High School. Her friend had a "D" in math, and had one week to prepare for the next test. 
     "We worked hard getting ready for that test.  I was so proud of her. She got it. She got a "B."
     The person she tutored was her friend was Mayda Murillo

Both sides of the tutoring program
     Ashley has been on both sides of the tutoring program. "I've been tutored in math and Algebra, and I have worked as a tutor with students who came behind me. 
     " We are taught  that we should not do the problems for them, but we need to walk with them them through the steps, and work with them until they get it. Don't give an answer, give an example." 
     In all, last semester, Ashley tutored four students, some of them referrals from her Upward Bound instructor. 
     "I know how it feels to not get what you are supposed to learn in class. It's so frustrating," says Ashley. "I really like the opportunity to help my student friends 'get it.'"
     "The pay is not important," believes Ashley. "Of course it is a benefit. But if someone asks for help I'd help them anyway, because it is a nice thing to do, not just because of the pay." 

Mayda's story
     Mayda Murillo, a senior at Caldwell High, was aiming for an "A," in her Algebra class and knew she needed help when her grade fell to a "D."  Was it embarrassing to ask a classmate  for help? 
     "No. I knew Ashley and felt comfortable with her. She understood what I was talking about when I told her the problems I was having, because she had taken this same class, too."
     Thanks for the tutoring program, Mayda got seven hours of one-on-one tutoring after school the week before the next test. 
     "That did it. I didn't get the 'A' I wanted. But Ashley helped me understand some key concepts. And a 'B' sure beats a 'D'!
     "We still do our homework together, not the paid tutoring, but we still studying together."  Up

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Mayda Murillo..."she understood what I was talking about...she had had the same class..."

Ashley Cardona...
"Don't give an answer; give an example" 

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