Peer Tutors Receive Two 4-Hour Training Sessions Plus Brush-up Workshops Each Semester

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Peer tutor training
Training for Peer Tutors begins with two four-hour sessions, and includes briefer follow-up sessions each semester. 
     Topics during the initial 8-hours of training include the following resources, generously shared by the BSU TRIO Programs. 

Eleven topics for beginning peer tutors

  1. Tutor code of ethics - 18 guidelines from the National Association of Tutorial Services.

  2. Learning styles quiz
    --A free online inventory and information about learning styles is available from an instructor at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
    --From the Center for New Discoveries in Learning. Personal learning style inventory (must be purchased). 

  3. Guidelines and building blocks for effective tutoring

  4. Steps for assisting math students

  5. Effective communication skills

  6. Modeling teaching strategies

  7. Role playing situations

  8. Veteran peer tutor words of wisdom

  9. Incorporating study skills into tutoring

  10. Steps for doing math

  11. Strategies for distracted and disorganized learners

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Tia Short provides eight hours of training during two sessions before a Peer Tutor can start

Mayda Murillo
(left) likes
being tutored by Ashley Cardona because "She understood what I was talking about." More.

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