Peer Tutoring Was Set Up Because Students Seemed Reluctant to Contact Tutors They Didn't Know

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     Boise State University's Pre-College TRIO Programs introduced peer tutoring for their students in recent years because they found high school students reluctant to call on help from tutors they didn't know.
     "Peer tutors have the same teachers, they know the text books, often they already have a relationship with the student who could use some tutoring," says Julie Bú, Upward Bound teacher from BSU in the Caldwell High School, whose students are both tutors and students using tutors. 
     In addition, the tutoring provides income, "and offers better experience for pre-college students than, for example, slinging hamburgers," says Bú.
     "It's one of those wonderful programs where everyone wins." 

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Mayda Murillo

(left) likes
being tutored by Ashley Cardona because "She understood what I was talking about." More.

Tia Short organizes two four-hour training sessions for peer tutors. More...

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