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Wichman Lab: Publications

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Dr. Holly A. Wichman

Bull, J.J., J. Millstein, J. Orcutt, and H.A. Wichman. (2006) Evolutionary feedback mediated through population density, illustrated with viruses in chemostats. Am. Nat. 167:E39-E51.

Pepin, K.M., M.A. Samuel, and H.A. Wichman. (2006) Variable pleiotropic effects from mutations at the same locus hamper prediction of fitness from a fitness component. Genetics 172:2047-2056.

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Scott, L., A. Kuroiwa, Y. Matsuda, and H.A. Wichman. (2006) X accumulation of LINE-1 retrotransposons in Tokudaia osimensis, a spiny rat with the karyotype XO. Cytogenet. Genome Res. 112:261-269.

Cantrell, M.A., M.M. Ederer, I.K. Erickson, V.J. Swier, R.J. Baker, and H.A. Wichman. (2005) MysTR: an endogenous retrovirus family in mammals undergoing recent amplifications to unprecedented copy numbers. J. Virol. 79:14698-14707.

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Bradley, R.D., R. Martinez, M. Maltbie, I. Tiemann-Boege, H.A. Wichman, and R.J. Baker. (2003) Rapidly evolving repetitive DNA in a karyotypically megaevolved genome: factors that affect chromosomal evolution. Occasional Papers No. 223. Museum of Texas Tech University.

Parish, D.A., H.A. Wichman, J.J. Bull, and R.J. Baker. (2002) Distribution of LINEs and other repetitive elements in the karyotype of the bat Carollia: implications for X-chromsome inactivation. Cytogent. Genome Res. 96:191-197.

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Bintz, G.L., and H. Wichman Roesbery (1978) Evaporative water loss by control and starved laboratory rats and Spermophilus richardsoni. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 59A:275-278.

Book chapters:

Joyce, P., L. Fox, N.C. Casavant, and H.A. Wichman. (1999) Linear estimators for the evolution of transposable elements. Pp. 207-220 in Statistics in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, F., ed. Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Hayward CA.

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Martin, S.L., and H.A. Wichman. (1993) Molecular approaches to mammalian retrotransposon isolation. Pp. 309-322 in Methods in Enzymology, Vol 224. Molecular Evolution: Producing the Biochemical Data. Zimmer, E.A., T.J. White, R.L. Cann, and A.C. Wilson, eds. Academic Press.

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Other publications:

Bull, J.J. and H.A. Wichman. (1998) A revolution in evolution. Editorial. Science 1998:1959.

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