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Servant Sport Leadership:

A Continuing Education Course


Sport Servant Leadership

The Servant Sport Leadership Program was developed developed by the Winning With Character Foundation and the University of Idaho Center of ETHICS* to help coaches and team develop a sense of unity built upon a foundation of character. The Winning With Character Foundation no longer exists, but CEUs are still possible through the Center for ETHIC* at the University of Idaho. The ground work of this program lies in effective leadership approaches modeled by coaches and key players.

The Sport Servant Leadership Program will help you by:

- Defining Servant Leadership and distinguishing it from the more traditional styles of coaching

- Offering practical examples of Servant Leadership characteristics and describing how they may be applied in competitive football

- Offering insight into the relationship between Servant Leader coaching and athlete motivation and performance

- Explaining how and your staff can participate in the Servant Leadership program with success

Course Information

How to register: contact

Cost: $300 per participant

Format/Timeline: Sport Servant Leadership is a 9-week, distance-learning course that will be completed entirely online.

Continuing Education Credits - Inclusive Package Upon completion of the course:

3.0 CEUs from the University of Idaho (equivalent to 30 contact hours) will be awarded at the completion of the course.

Certificate of completion from the Center of ETHICS* will be signed by Dr. Sharon K. Stoll.

A personalized letter from Dr. Sharon K. Stoll will be sent to your principal or administrator.

A press release will be sent to your local newspaper.

The purpose of this course:

Is to create an environment to aid you in your quest to become a servant leader. What are the traits, the gifts, and the mission of individuals who are servant leaders? What makes an individual worthy of being called a servant leader? The answer lies in you!

The Objectives of this course are:

1. To provide a rationale for the development of a servant leadership philosophy as a coach in any competitive sport.

2. To inspire and challenge thinking that is directed toward servant leadership coaching.

3. To become knowledgeable in literature and language of servant leadership.

4. To assess one's personal qualities in the quest for servant leaders

Lesson Topics

 Unit 1:


 Styles of leadership and the servant-leader coach



Unit 2:

 Love your job, love your team





Unit 3:


 Empathy and Compassion


 Your Mission