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Curriculum and Materials Offered by the Center for ETHICS*

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*Character Education: High School Text


Principled Thinking:  Life Lessons for High School Students

Sharon Kay Stoll, Ph.D.  (1998). 

A text to challenge students (K-12) to become better principled thinkers about the moral issues they face in their lives. Students are asked what they believe, what they value, and to develop a set of personal guidelines to live their lives.   Or buy both Who Says It's Cheating for a combined price of $25.00

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*Coach/Athlete Text:


Who Says This is Cheating?

Sharon Kay Stoll, Ph.D., et. al. (1993), Kendall Hunt.

An excellent primer to the subject of ethical behavior in sport.... The authors are to be commended for their work in helping establish a foundation on which to build critical for our nationís survival.. Wilford S. Bailey, Past President (1987-99) of the NCAA. 

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*Teacher Text/University Text:


Sport Ethics: Applications for Fair Play, 2nd Edition

Lumpkin, Stoll, & Beller (1999). McGraw-Hill.

This text addresses the plethora of issues confronting the essence, and possibly even the survival, of competitive sport. It was conceptualized to fill a need in the development of moral reasoning and its application to sport. 

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Performance Enhancing Drugs and the Nature of Character

Stoll & Beller, (1996), Center for ETHICS*

Windows - IBM platform. An hour interactive, CD-ROM lesson, winner of prestigious scholarly award for effective teaching using multimedia platforms. Students say the program is easy to use, effective, and preferable to most university or school methodology programs. 

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*Teaching Methodology


SBH Ethical Standard*  - A Teaching Curriculum for Character Evaluation in Athletics

Stoll & Beller, (1998), Center for ETHICS*

A complete teaching curriculum and workbook, including overall teaching philosophy, daily lesson plans, opening day syllabus, daily quizzes, final examination, overhead projection slides, plus other teaching facets. 

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*Philosophy of Learning Video, Part 1

Stoll & Beller, (1993). Vol. 1, Center for ETHICS*

A video of actual teaching using an interactive, philosophy of learning style that has been shown to be effective to improving cognitive reasoning in college age students. 

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*Fair Play Everyday Video


Sportsmanship Video for Coaches, Fans, and Parents

Hansen, Stoll, & Beller, (1999)

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Testing Instruments Available at the Center for ETHICS*

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Hahm-Beller Values Choice Inventory--HBVCI

Rudd-Stoll-Beller-Hahm Value Judgment Inventory--RSBH

Stevenson-Stoll Social Responsibility Questionnaire--SSSRQ

Cost:  $1.50/each