Momo Preparation

These are the ingredients you are going to need for everything.

Fresh IngredientsAmount Which Part of Mo:Mo Recipe
Round Wraps1 pkg holds around 60Filling
Lean Ground Turkey1 lbsFilling
Onion One large one cut in half Filling and Sauce
Serrano Peppers 2 *Optional Filling and Sauce
Scallions 1 bunch Filling
Tomatoes 6-8 Whole Ones Sauce
Cilantro One Bunch Sauce
Curry PowderAround 16 dashes or 1/4 to 1/3 cup Filling and Sauce
TurmericAround 2-3 dashes or 1/8 cup Filling and Sauce
Garlic Two spoonfuls Filling and Sauce
GingerTwo spoonfuls Filling and Sauce
Seasame Seeds 1/4 to 1/2 cup Sauce
Salt A few table spoons Filling and Sauce
WaterA few cups as neededSauce
Cooking oil2-3 TablespoonsSauce

Now for the preparations

First we're going to chop all our fresh ingredients up so make sure you wash all your produce and your hands.

Whole tomato

Take your whole tomato

Tomato cut in half

Chop it in half.

Tomato cut in quarters

Then chop it in quarters.

Tomato cut in 8ths

Then chop that into 8 pieces like this.

Cutting those slices into 3rds

Then chop each one of those into thirds like this.

Chopped tomatoes in bowl

When you're done with that put them all in a bowl and put aside for the sauce later.

Now for the scallions

Scallions ends cut

Chop the ends off. You can save the ends and chop them up later for salads if you like but you don't need it here.

Scallions tips cut

Trim the tops off too.

Scallions chopping fine

Slice the scallions very thin. This is very important because they will be going in your momo filling.

Scallions in bowl

Place the scallions in a bowl and set aside for the filling later.

Now for the Serrano Peppers

Serrano peppers are two parts because one pepper goes into each recipe.
They are optional but to me the recipe just isn't the same without them.
You may also like to add more peppers depending on how spicy you like your food or how spicy the pepper is.

Two serrano peppers

Get out your two peppers.

Slicing first serrano pepper

Take the first pepper and trim off the top and bottom.

Showing sliced serrano pepper

Then slice it up like normal as shown here.
It's not so important how thin you chop it because it's going in the sauce.
Make sure it's sliced though because you don't want a big bite of pepper.

Slicing other serrano pepper

Slicing the second pepper is a little more tricky.
Without cutting the top or bottom off first slice it length wise like this.

See how it's done

See this is what I mean.

Cutting serrano pepper other direction

Then slice it length wise perpendicular to the last cut like this.

Chopping pepper in quarters

Now thinly slice the pepper and it should be coming out in little quarters.
Again here it is important to chop it small because it's going in the filling.

Two seperate peppers done

Place your peppers in their bowls and set them aside for the sauce and filling later.

Now for the onion

Large sweet onion

I have a large sweet onion here. You may pick the onion you prefer.

Cutting ends off onion

Chop the top and bottom off your onion.
I chop an onion different since I learned this recipe from my Nepali friend.
I used to peel it first and then chop it up.
Now I chop it a little bit before I peel it.

Cutting onion in half

Now chop it in half and peel the outer skin off.
One half of the onion is going in the filling and the other half is going in the sauce.
You may choose to use one half of the onion for both recipes depending on your preference.

Lighting a candle

I light a candle to absorb the onion smell some to prevent tearing.
I am going to use the larger half of the onion for the sauce.

Slicing smaller onion

Starting with the smaller half of the onion I am slicing it thinly for the filling.

Onion half finished sliced

I am making sure this half of the onion is diced up small.

Chopping second half of onion

It's no so important how big or small you are chopping up the other half of the onion as it's going in the sauce.

Onion in two bowls

Set the onions aside in their different bowls for later. Do you see the difference in how they are chopped?

Now for the Cilantro

I am doing this now to have it ready later but some wait till the very end to do this part.

Cilantro bunch

Chop the ends off your cilantro and throw them away.

Chopping cilantro bunch

Start chopping it up evenly like this.

Cilantro Bunch chopped

It should look about like this when you're done.

Cilantro in bowl

Now set it aside in a bowl for the sauce later.

Now for the ginger root

Normally I buy the minced ginger in a jar from my store but they stopped carrying it.
You may find it in a jar near the garlic section or in raw root like I have here.

Raw ginger root

We're going to have to peel this root.

peeling ginger root

So start peeling it in all it's funny directions.

Ginger root to peelings ratio

I cut mine up to get at all the angles. This is the peeling to actual root ratio.

Ginger root minced

You want to mince it up best you can and get about two spoonfuls for each recipe.
This is important. You don't want to put too much ginger because it will over power your recipes.
It's ok if you have leftover root. Put it aside because you'll make Momo's again!

Ginger root in two bowls

Set your ginger root aside in their bowls for later.

Now we can move onto the filling preparations

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