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amie Derrick, UI Mind Founder & Mindfulness Educator/ Facilitator
Dr. Derrick a certified  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, accredited training program). She also spent 100 hours studying MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) with Jon Kabat Zinn and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts.  

She has taught mindfulness classes at University of Idaho, in her community, and at UCLA.  In Fall 2015 she offered a 21-day mindfulness challenge and podcast that reached over 500 subscribers locally and around the country.  In addition she has staffed meditation retreats for teens and young adults through Inward Bound Meditation Education, a national meditation organization, and through Sprit Rock, a northern California  meditation retreat center.

She is a welcoming teacher.  No experience needed to attend her classes.
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Jamie Derrick Quoted in the Huffington Post
'6 steps for making mindless activities more mindful'

Also featured on TEDx Uidaho where she spoke about mindfulness and kindness
watch her talk on YouTube:  A Kindness Revolution

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    to the class starting Spring 2017 -- optional practice lab 1 hour weekly for 1 credit
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