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amie Nekich Derrick has been a licensed psychologist in Idaho for fifteen years.  She graduated from Stanford University and completed clinical residencies in the Yale Medical School/ West Haven VA Medical Center and at the Stanford University Student Counseling Center. 

She spent two years at University of California - Berkeley as a postdoctoral fellow specializing and child and family psychology and she teaches these topics at the University of Idaho as faculty.   In addition, she was affiliated with the University of Washington Parenting Clinic for three years.


she has an expertise in cognitive therapeutic techniques which address patterns of thinking or belief that negatively impact relationships and/ or personal well being. Identification of personal strengths, strengthening relationships, emotional insight, and practical problem-solving are key components to her therapeutic approach.

She is certified as a mindfulness teacher through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and integrates awareness practices and self acceptance into her interventions.  She uses mindfulness practices and body awareness in group settings (workshops and classes) and in private therapy.  Her unique approach grows out of years of training in Jungian dream analysis, expressive art, and body-based awareness.



If you feel that therapeutic work individually, in a group, or with members of your family might be of interest, please contact her for a consultation.  

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