NR 321 | Fall, spring, and summer semesters, 3 credits | (Formerly Ecology - REM 221)
Course begins on Monday, August 21

Professor R. Robberecht
College of Natural Resources | University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133 USA    !208-885-7404
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Course Description: Fundamental principles of the science of ecology. Major topics covered by the course include the physical environment, how organisms interact with each other and their environment, evolutionary processes, population dynamics, communities, energy flow and ecosystems, human influences on ecosystems, and the integration and scaling of ecological processes through systems ecology. Computer-based materials are used extensively for guided independent learning of ecology.

Introductory biology, or permission.
Recommended preparation
: Introductory botany and zoology, and a good working knowledge of Windows-based computer systems.
Computer compatibility: The course learning materials are compatible only with computers that are 100% compatible with the Windows operating system and the browser, Internet Explorer. See Advisory.


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Explore what you know about general ecologyExplore what you know about the environment
Explore what you know about organisms and their response to the environmentExplore what you know about communities and ecosystems
Explore what you know about ecology at the global scale

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