Video conference - Live
Contact the professor for information about the course via a video conference
As an alternative to email or telephone, you can correspond live with the professor via Internet with a video conferencing system. With a web camera system and software described below, you can consult live with the professor.

Elluminate Connect | Setup and tutorial

Moscow time 

1. Email professor to setup a consultation date and time
2. Log into Elluminate


Instructions and specifications for making a video call over Internet

Required computer system components: Video camera connected to your computer (see recommended camera models below), a duplex-capable sound card and speakers, microphone (if not built-in to the camera), and video conferencing software (e.g., Elluminate, Windows Messenger Live, Skype, or Polycom PVX).

To contact the professor: Login to Elluminate, Live Messenger, or Skype, or load Polycom PVX (enter the professor's video conferencing system "IP" address - available on request).



Preferred system: Connect via Ellumniate

Windows Live Messenger


Elluminate is web-based video conferencing service. The software and connection are free to students; the video conferencing connection is paid by the University of Idaho. Most consumer grade cameras are compatible with the Elluminate service

Live Messenger is free web-based video conferencing service that is part of your Windows/Vista operating system (be sure to upgrade to the "Live" version). Most consumer grade cameras are compatible with this service.

  Setup and Tutorial


Download Windows Live Messenger

Connect via Skype

Polycom PVX





Skype is free web-based video conferencing service. Most consumer grade cameras are compatible with the Skype service, which supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


Polycom PVX software program that provides video calls of excellent quality with most web cameras. (see recommended models below).

Download Skype
Note. Contact professor via email prior to placing a video call via Polycom PVX.

Recommended pc camera models

*All models include a built-in microphone and an echo-cancellation audio feature for superior performance
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 Purchase
Logitech Portable Webcam C905 Purchase


  *These recommended products and links are provided for your convenience. The University of Idaho and the professor have no connection with,
  and do not endorse or support these companies.