Hitachi Starboard & projector system - an interactive computer-driven "smart board" for teaching and learning.
Key features
  77" diagonal projected image (CNR 205F) or 88" wide-screen image (CNR 200)
  High lumens short-throw projector mounted above the Starboard
  Natural interface based on simple hand-gestures - no special pens required
  Wide array of special features to use during lecture and seminar presentations
  Built-in speakers for high quality audio
  DVD player capability to play films without a computer
  Webcam for video conferencing through Skype, Live Messenger, and other video conferencing software
  Dual use: two persons can work on the Starboard simultaneously on separate projects
Informational brochure
Demonstration of features: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5

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User guide
Additional new classroom facilities
  World map
Requirements to use the Hitachi Starboard
  Watch the three short demonstration videos (above)
  Read the user guide
  Go through a short orientation session to ensure you know how to properly use the Starboard system
   Install Starboard software on your laptop computer
   Install Logitech webcam software on your laptop computer (for video conferencing)
  Test and practice your setup prior to class or seminar presentation
  Optional: watch the tutorials
Contact: Professor R. Robberecht for further information and to arrange an orientation session