Mobile MediaSite system - University of Idaho

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UI MediaSite Showcase
Selected presentations
Professor R. Robberecht: Designing Interactive learning environments
Professor E. Krumpe: Class lecture
Professor T. Link: Class lecture
Seminar series on fire science
Seminar series on climate change
Workshop on tree nutrition


Summary of components for "plug-in and record" cart

Component Vendor
MediaSite RL 440 recorder Sonic Foundry
Dell Ultrasharp 17" LCD monitor Dell
SONY HD-SR5 video camera (60 Gb hard drive) SONY
SONY Bluetooth wireless microphone (on camera) SONY
SONY external stereo microphone
for audio from audience (plus mini-plug to 1/4" connector)
Video camera mount
RAM 24" Flex gooseneck arm, 1/4" NPT hole
RAM single U-boly base, 1/4" NPT hole
RAM 1" ball, 1/4" to 20 aluminum stud
RAM base, 1/4" NPT threaded hole
Washington Mount
Tapco ultra-compact 5-channel audio mixer
Model MIX.50
RCA (unbalanced) and XLR connections (balanced)
XLR balanced cables to MediaSite Osprey cable
Tapco Gear
VGA with integrated audio cable (2, 25' cables) Extron
DA VGA signal splitter, Model P/2 DA 2xi
with integrated audio from computer

Crystal Visions mini-keyboard
Model  KB-CB83 (USB or PS/2 connector)
Crystal Visions
Logitech V10 Notebook portable speakers Logitech
Logitech Marble trackball mouse Logitech
Hand truck with air-filled tires  
Eight outlet surge protector  
Retractable electrical cord reel (30')  
CAT5 network cable (30')  
Nylon pouch for accessories  
Nylon rain cover (large backpack type) Osprey Packs


Photographs of MediaSite system cart

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