Organizing a Solicited Job Cover Letter


Present information in the following order:

  1) Paragraph one:  State purpose and qualifications. 

a) State that youíre applying for the job and tell where you learned about the job (ad, referral, etc.).

~ Phrase the job title as the source/job description listed it.

~ If possible, name drop or remind the reader where/when they met you etc.

b) Briefly show you have the major qualifications for the job.

~ Phrase and list the qualifications as the source/job description did.

~ College degree, professional certification, work experience.

~ If listing several qualifications, summarize briefly  in same order as in the letterís body.


 2) Develop your qualifications in detail.

a) Make direct links between your education and experience and the work youíll be doing in the new job.

b) The reader may not see the connection between what youíve done and what they want you to do if you donít make the connection for them.

c) Use the most specific terms possible. Use terms on job description.


3) Separate yourself from other applicants.  Draw attention to any one or combination of the following:

          ~ Mine the job description or company resources (web site, prospectus, coverage in the news etc.) for clues into what the company values.

          ~ Your knowledge of the company. Experience with the company. Experience in the area or region.

          ~ Honors and awards, high GPA.

~ Unique problem solving and leadership experiences that apply to the work you want to do.

~ In short, what is it that you have done that proves that you are uniquely right for this job, among the hundreds of other people who have the same degree and basic qualifications?

4) Ask for an interview.

       ~ Tell when youíll be available to be interviewed. 

       ~ Try to make it as easy as possible to see you.

       ~ Tell when youíll be available to begin work.  Use specific dates.

       ~ Try to end on a unique (not generic) forward looking note.

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