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Kristin Hansen

Extension Nutrition Program

University of Idaho

PO Box 443183

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Margaret Ritchie School of Family & Consumer Sciences



ENP Afterschool Program in District IV

Learning about Calcium in District III

Power Panther visits a classroom in District III.


Cammie Jayo, ENP Coodinator (left) teaching in District III


District I Nutrition Advisor Training


District I Youth learn about MyPyramid.


District I Nutrition Advisor Becky and the Germ City display


District I Nutrition Advisor Pam teaches about healthy bones.


Recent graduates from District I ENP



Learning about label reading on a grocery store tour in District I


District IV 4-H Youth learn to make a healthy snack


Nutrition Advisor Aleida supervises a 4-H cooking lesson


District IV ENP at a summer day camp program


Youth in an ENP School Enrichment program class prepare a healthy snack.


Carol Hampton, Extension Educator, presenting a workshop at a District I ENP training in 2003.


ENP personnel helped out when the USDA Food Safety Mobile visited a farmer's market in Pocatello


ENP Nutrition Advisors used "Germ City" to teach visitors to the farmer's market about proper hand washing


District IV Nutrition Advisors at a training session


District IV ENP 4-Hers entered their projects at the county fair.


District II Nutrition Advisor Mary works with an ENP Youth program during the summer.


District II NA Ginger teaches about hand washing using "Germ City."


Black lights display missed "germs" from hands not properly washed inside "Germ City."


District III Extension Educator Rhea Lanting teaches the "Got Calcium" classes to youth.


District III Youth in an ENP school enrichment program learn about the Food Guide Pyramid and the importance of calcium.


District IV Nutrition Advisor works with a family one-on-one in their home.


District IV Nutrition Advisors prepare for a cooking demonstration.


District IV ENP Nutrition Advisor Kaylene presented at storytime at the Grace Public Library. Photo is courtesy of the Caribou County Sun.


District III students learn about the benefits of calcium in their diets.


ENP and Health & Welfare staff participate in a Poverty Simulation Activity, sponsored by District I ENP.


Sandra McCurdy, Extension Food Safety Specialist, University of Idaho, conducting an ENP training.


Kathee Tifft, Nez Perce County Extension Educator, conducts training with Nutrition Advisors.


Susan Traver, Bonner County Extension Educator, teaching Nutrition Advisors.


Rhea Lanting, District III ENP Extension Educator, demonstrates how to cut meat into economical portions.


"Germ City" on display at the Payette County Fair


Nutrition Advisor Ginger teaches a nutrition class at a District II elementary school.


An ENP youth classroom activity


District II Nutrition Advisors (left to right: Vickie, Ginger, and Mary) prepare for a cooking activity.


Shelly Johnson, ENP Extension Educator from Kootenai County, helps an ENP Youth class with a cooking project.


Idaho ENP Personnel 



Martha Raidl, Extension Nutrition Education Specialist and ENP Director

Rhea Lanting, Extension FCS Educator

District III

Shelly Johnson,  Extension FCS Educator

District I

Audrey Liddil, Extension FCS Educator, District IV

Cammie Jayo, ENP Coordinator

District III

Kali Gardiner, ENP Coordinator

District I


Karen Barron, ENP Coordinator                     Joey Peutz, Extension FCS Educator 

            District IV                                                                District II                     




Bridget Aman, ENP Coordinator

                District II