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2001 Environmental
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Workers in "smurf" suitsThe M.S. EnvE and the M. EnvE degrees require 30 and 33 credits, respectively, for graduation. The M.S. EnvE requires a thesis (included in the 30 credits) while the M. EnvE is a non-thesis program. A common set of Core Courses is required in both programs. In addition to the core, the student will select Supporting Courses based on career objectives and approved by her/his graduate committee. Fundamental knowledge contained in some lower division courses is essential to the program. Students who have not taken these, or similar, courses will be required to remove these deficiencies. Some of these Deficiency Courses must be completed prior to admission; others can be incorporated into the student's required program.  

Core Courses Title Credits
Chem 418  Environmental Chemistry 3
BAE 532
or CE ID&WS 534
BioReactor Theory & Design
Environmental Engineering Unit Processes
CE ID&WS 531 Environmental Engineering Unit Operations 3
ChE ID&WS 575 Air Pollution Control 3
ChE 570 Hazardous Waste Management 3
EnvE 500
or EnvE 599
Research and Thesis (for MS students)
or Research (for M Engr students

Supporting Courses

Additional courses can be selected by the student to add depth to his/her curriculum. A minimum of 9 to 15 credits (for the thesis or non-thesis option, respectively) must be selected by the student with the concurrence of his/her advisor and committee. The following is a partial list of typical courses available:

Supporting Courses Title Credits
BAE 551 Advanced Hydrology 3
BAE 558 Fluid Mechanics of Porous Materials 3
BAE 433/533 Bioremediation 3
BAE ID&WS552 Environmental Water Quality 3
CE ID&WS532 Design of Water and Wastewater System II 3
CE J433/J533 Water Quality Management 3
CE 522 Hydraulic Design 3
CE WS435 Hazardous Waste Engineering 3
ChE 460/560 Biochemical Engineering 3
ChE R578 Treatment of Hazardous Chemical Waste 3
Hydro 563 Hydrogeology 3
ChE 580  Engineering Risk Assessment  3
Geol 309 Groundwater 3
Hydr 563 Hydrogeology 3
ChE R579 Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Design 3
Minimum Prerequisite Courses
CE 325 Fundamentals of Hydrologic Engineering 3
CE 330 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3
Engr 320 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
Engr 335 Fluid Mechanics 3
Engr 360 Engineering Economy
Chemical Process Analysis and Design
ChE 223 Material and Energy Balances 3
Chem 112 General Chemistry 4
Math 310 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
Stat 301 Probability and Statistics 3

An  EnvE faculty committee evaluates deficiencies and makes recommendations for students entering the program without an undergraduate degree in engineering.


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