Moral Reasoning in Natural Resources

Fall semesters: NR 507-1, 3 credits | College of Natural Resources & The Center for Ethics
Summer session: June 15 - July 24, 2015

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Course description: We will explore the practical aspects of moral reasoning of current issues in natural resources.

The purpose of the course is to discover the essence of reasoning, rationality, and reflection on moral and ethical dilemmas with regard to natural resources.

MNR course category: Humans dimensions in natural resources

Recommended preparation
Become familiar with the UI Critical Thinking Handbook.

Required Text

Douglas, H. E. (2009). Science, policy, and the value-free ideal. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Shamoo, A. E., & Resnik, D. B. (2009). Responsible conduct of research (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

Supplemental Text (not required)

Fox, R. M., & DeMarco, J. P. (2000). Moral Reasoning: A Philosophic Approach To Applied Ethics (2nd ed.). Fort Worth: Harcourt College Publishers.


1. To develop critical reasoning skills.
2. To understand an outline of systematic moral reasoning.
3. To develop a personal, systematic, and principled decision-making process.
4. To apply personal principled reasoning to current issues within natural resources.