3:30 p.m., February 13, 2018

Paul Joyce Faculty-Staff Lounge (Brink) & Zoom

Order of Business


"pdf" packet for meeting: click here


I.      Call to Order.


II.     Minutes. 

III.    Consent Agenda.  


IV.     Chairís Report.


V.       Provostís Report. 


VI.      Other Announcements and Communications.  

VII.    Committee Reports.


Committee on Committee (vote)

  • FS-18-042 - FSH 1640.74 - Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Committee (cover) (Anderson)

  • FS-18-043 - FSH 1640.54 - Institutional Review Board (cover)(Harris/Walker)

University Curriculum Committee (vote)

  • FS-18-044 (UCC-18-038a): Catalog Change J-3-c (Frost)

  • FS-18-045 (UCC-18-038b): Catalog Change J-3-f  (Frost)

  • FS-18-046 (UCC-18-038c): Catalog Change J-3-g (Frost)

  • FS-18-047 (UCC-18-014a): Family Consumer Science Restructure (Price)

  • FS-18-048 (UCC-18-014b): Plant Sciences - new Crop Management minor (Brown)

VIII.   Special Orders. 

IX.      Unfinished Business and General Orders. 


X.        New Business.


XI.      Adjournment.


Professor Patrick Hrdlicka, Chair 2017-2018, Faculty Senate

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844