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These six committees are separate.

Faculty Staff Handbook (FSH) - function & structure links below.

ID#     Committee Name  - Below are links to the Faculty-Staff Handbook, not membership list!

02  Academic Hearing Board

04  Academic Petitions Committee

06  Administrative Hearing Board

08  Admissions Committee

10  Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Committee

12  Animal Care and Use Committee, Institutional

46  Arts Committee

14  Biosafety Committee, Institutional

18  Borah Foundation Committee

22  Campus Planning Advisory Committee

24  Classified Position Appeal Board

26  Commencement Committee

28  Committee on Committees

36  Dismissal Hearings Committee

40  Facilities Scheduling Committee

41  Facilities Scheduling Operations Subcommittee

42  Faculty Affairs Committee

43  Faculty Appeals Hearing Board

       Faculty Senate

       Graduate Council

       Grievance Committee for Staff Employees

51  Grievance Committee for Student Employees.

53  Honors Program Committee

54  Institutional Review Board

55  Information Technology Committee

56  Intellectual Property Committee

58  Ubuntu

60  Library Affairs Committee

64  Officer Education Committee

66  Parking Committee

      Promotions Review Committee

34  Provost Council

     Publications Board

71  Radiation Safety Committee

      Research Council

      Records Policy Advisory Committee (not in FSH)

74  Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Committee

76  Safety and Loss-Control Committee 

77  Scientific Misconduct Committee

80  Staff Affairs Committee

83  Student Computing Advisory Committee (not in FSH, contact chair)

84  Student Financial Aid Committee

86  Teacher Education Coordinating Committee

87  Teaching and Advising Committee

20  University Budget & Finance Committee

89  University Committee for General Education

91  University Curriculum Committee

92  University Development Council

93  University Judicial Council

94  University Multi-Campus Communications Committee

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