• To be eligible to vote, faculty must attend the meeting or participate in person at one of the senate approved two-way video sites listed below.

  • Faculty at off-campus sites will receive a separate email with a URL to access the meeting live should they be unable to attend any of the sites in person.

  • Streaming media access of the meeting will be accessible the day after the meeting here.




Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Faculty Meeting - 3:00-4:30 p.m. pt (4:00-5:30 mt)

Moscow - SUB Ballroom; Boise - IWC162; Coeur d'Alene - 241; Idaho Falls - IF1 (TAB350); Twin Falls - B-66




'pdf' file (this version will be used at the meeting and has been reformatted for better viewing purposes) here (51 pages)

(All documents are accessible individually through appropriate links below.)

Interim President Don Burnett Presiding

Call to Order.


In Memoriam.


Minutes.   Meeting #1, September 10, 2013


Presidentís Remarks.




Special Orders:   


Report of the Faculty Senate

I. Proposed Changes/Additions to the Faculty-Staff Handbook (FSH) and Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)


Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

  • FS-14-020: (cover) FSH 1620 - University Level Committees (vote)

  • FS-14-021: (cover)

    • FSH 1640.18 - Borah (FYI minor edit)

    • FSH 1640.76 - Safety (FYI minor edit)

  • FS-14-022: (cover)

    • FSH 1640.93 - University Judicial Council (FYI)

    • FSH 1640.58 - Ubuntu (FYI)


II. Proposed Changes to the University of Idaho Catalog




Refreshments will be provided in Moscow.



Gail Z. Eckwright

Secretary of the Faculty, 885-6151




NOTE:  101 faculty members (all campuses state-wide) constitute a quorum.  Quorum and voting regulations can be viewed at FSH 1520 Article III.  To determine your voting right as a faculty member please see FSH 1520 Article II Section I.  Those who are recognized by the president for the purpose of speaking should identify themselves by name and discipline or position.

NOTICE: Off site faculty will be receiving a separate email with a URL to access the meeting live. Also available at this site will be a streaming video link that can be viewed after the meeting for those unable to attend.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844