University of Idaho foodTOX - Food Toxicology the study of Toxic Substances in the Environment
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Welcome to Food Toxicology
A Webcast Lecture Course

University of Idaho FST 464/564 3 cr.

Food toxicology is the study of the nature, properties, effects, and detection of toxic substances in food, and their disease manifestation in humans. 

This course will provide a general understanding of toxicology related to food and the human food chain. Fundamental concepts will be covered including dose-response relationships, absorption of toxicants, distribution and storage of toxicants, biotransformation and elimination of toxicants, target organ toxicity, teratogenesis, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, food allergy, and risk assessment. The course will examine chemicals of food interest such as food additives, mycotoxins, and pesticides, and how they are tested and regulated. We will explore the etiology of foodborne disease related to naturally-occurring toxins and we will examine the ecology of food. We will critically review case studies and special topics. I hope you enjoy the course.  — Greg Möller

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Course Goals

  • To provide a broad foundation of knowledge about the sources, pathways, receptors, and controls of toxicants in the human food chain.
  • To assist students in achieving a high-level of understanding and interpretative capacity in food toxicology.
  • To help develop critical thinking skills about the risks of foodborne toxicants.

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August 25, 2014


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