FOR 427 Prescribed Burn Lab




In this class you will learn how to plan, conduct, and evaluate prescribed burns to accomplish ecological and other natural resource management objectives.

The class sessions will be combinations of lecture, discussion, and hands-on experiences. We expect you to actively participate by asking questions, contributing to discussions and making this a safe and effective learning environment. There will be two all-day Saturday field trips that you will be required to attend. You will also be required to participate in prescribed burns on at least two different days (we encourage you to participate in all burn days). The burns will be scheduled sometime during the semester depending on fuel and weather conditions. The burns may or may not take place on a weekend, and will probably be conducted during afternoon and evening hours.  When possible, the dates for burns will be announced well in advance in class and by electronic mail, but it is possible that you will have only a few hours notice. 

This is one of the core, required courses in the BS in Fire Ecology and Management program.

The syllabus and schedule for Fall 2012 are available here. The majority of class materials are on BBlearn.

Help us make this course a very effective learning experience for you and for us by actively participating!