The materials presented on this website were developed for a 10-week, graduate level, activity-based Introduction to Freight Transportation course. This course is designed both to introduce students to concepts associated with freight transportation and goods movement and to highlight applications of freight modeling. The course can be used to enrich the overall knowledge base of a transportation engineer, as well as provide a gateway for further study and research in the field of freight transportation modeling.

The course consists of 10 activities, 16 readings, and 9 lectures. These materials can be used in their entirety or select materials can be used as best suited for a given course. In addition to the activities, readings and lectures, instructor guides are provided to assist in the implementation of course material.

Further descriptions of material:

Student Activity Sheets

provide students with instructions on how to participate in the activity

Instructor Facilitation Guides

provide instructors with assistance in preparing for and conducting activities, including common concerns and discussion questions

Reading Guides

provide references to related readings as well as questions that can be used to either facilitate discussions or serve as a reading quiz to encourage the students to complete assigned readings


provide a base lecture, which can be expanded upon as required for a given course

Just as the field of freight transportation is evolving, so too are the materials developed in this Introduction to Freight Transportation course module expected to evolve as well. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcomed!

Course material is restricted to instructor access. If you are interested in gaining access to the material, contact Kelly Pitera at Course materials are in .pdf form. Please inquire if you are interested in having versions of the files (in Adobe InDesign) which can be updated.

Material contributions by Anne Goodchild, Kelly Pitera, Ed McCormack and Felipe Sandoval.


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