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PREAMBLE: This section enumerates and briefly describes the various institutions of higher education found in the state of Idaho, both public and private ones. It was first introduced to the Handbook in December of 1980 and has been revised from time to time since so as to maintain currency of information.


A. State System of Higher Education

B. Private Institutions


A. STATE SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION. The major components of the state system of higher education in Idaho include the State Board of Education and Board of Regents of the University of Idaho (a single body) and the public institutions of higher education. A basic objective is to provide a coordinated system in which the individuality of each institution is maintained, the students are afforded an education of high quality, and the Idaho taxpayers are assured of maximum efficiency and economy.

    A-1. STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION AND BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO. The board is responsible, in varying degrees, for the following institutions and agencies in Idaho: the state institutions of higher education, the public-school system, the community colleges, the State Department of Education, the Divisions of Vocational Education and Vocational Rehabilitation, the State School for the Deaf and the Blind, the Eastern Idaho Vocational-Technical School, the State Library, the State Historical Society, and the Idaho Educational Public Broadcasting System. [See also 1120 A-2 and 1520 I-1.] The staff in the Office of the State Board of Education, located at Boise, assists the board in all matters pertaining to its constitutional and statutory responsibilities.

    A-2. UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO. UI's history is outlined in 1120, its role and mission in 1240 B, and its particular functions and objectives in 1320 [ed. 7-97].

    A-3. LEWIS-CLARK STATE COLLEGE. LCSC was established as Lewiston State Normal School in 1893. In 1947 the name was changed to North Idaho College of Education and changed again in 1955 to Lewis-Clark Normal School. The legislature restored its four-year status in 1965 and gave the college its present name in 1971. For the statement of LCSC's role and mission, see 1240 B-2 e. [ed. 7-97, ed. 12-13]

    A-4. IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY. Located in Pocatello, ISU was established as the Academy of Idaho in 1901, renamed the Idaho Technical Institute in 1915, reorganized as UI's Southern Branch in 1927, designated as Idaho State College in 1947, and granted university status in 1963. For the statement of ISU's role and mission, see 1240 B-4 [ed. 7-97]

    A-5. BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY. Founded in 1932, BSU began as a church-related junior college. After the church ties were severed in 1939, it was financed through taxation by a junior-college district. After becoming a four-year institution in 1965, Boise College entered the state system in 1969 as a comprehensive state college. University status was granted in 1974. For the statement of BSU's role and mission, see 1240 B-1. [ed. 7-97]

    A-6. NORTH IDAHO COLLEGE. Established in Coeur d'Alene in 1933 as a private junior college, NIC became a publicly supported institution in 1939. As a community college, it offers four associate degrees; its basic responsibilities include providing the first two years of a standard four-year program, vocational-technical preparation, and adult-education programs. Upper-division courses are sometimes offered on campus through UI.

    A-7. COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN IDAHO. This two-year comprehensive community college located at Twin Falls has served the Magic Valley area of southern Idaho since 1964. Its primary function is to provide the first two years of college-level instruction, vocational-technical preparation, and adult-education programs; it confers associate degrees in arts, sciences, and applied science.

    A-8. EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE. EITC was established by the legislature in 1970 to provide postsecondary vocational-technical programs in eastern Idaho. The school is located at Idaho Falls and its primary responsibility is to students of the 10 counties that constitute Junior College District Six.
B. PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS. In addition to the public institutions described above, there are four private institutions of higher education in Idaho. Though these are not supported by the state and, therefore, are not under the aegis of the state board, they contribute significantly to higher education in Idaho, complementing the programs of the publicly supported institutions.

    B-1. RICKS COLLEGE. Ricks College was founded in Rexburg in 1888 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the Bannock Stake Academy. When it was recognized by the Idaho State Board of Education in 1917, the name was changed to Ricks Normal College. Its present name dates from 1923. Ricks College provides a comprehensive program for freshmen and sophomores both in vocational-technical fields and in the arts and sciences. It confers associate degrees and one-year certificates.

    B-2. ALBERTSON'S COLLEGE OF IDAHO. Located in Caldwell and founded in 1891 as the College of Idaho, this four-year institution is church-related (Presbyterian) but nonsectarian in instruction. It offers baccalaureate degrees in 30 major fields and master's degrees in education.

    B-3. NORTHWEST NAZARENE COLLEGE. Located in Nampa and founded in 1913, Northwest Nazarene College is affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene. This four-year, liberal arts college has a balanced program in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts. NNC grants associate and baccalaureate degrees; it also offers master's degrees in education.

    B-4. COLLEGE OF ST. GERTRUDE. Operated by the Sisters of St. Benedict at Cottonwood and incorporated in 1956 to offer junior-college work, the College of St. Gertrude is a small school offering the degree of Associate in Arts. Its courses are offered in an evening program only and have been accepted for transfer to UI.

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