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July 2014



PREAMBLE: Responding to widespread disparities among unit bylaws, the Faculty-Staff Handbook and Regents policies, this section was adopted by the university faculty at its April 27, 2004 meeting.  In July 2012 changes were made to provide guidance, clarify language and define "unit". In July 2014 language was added to ensure tenure-track faculty are involved in review of non-tenure-track faculty.  [rev. 7-12, 7-14]

A.  Definitions. [add. 7-12]

A-1.  Unit:  For purposes of this policy, units shall be those listed in the chart of the organization of the university faculty in FSH 1560[add. 7-12]

B.  Policy. Each recognized unit will develop a set of bylaws (see Regents Policy III. C. 3), setting forth the rules (see B-1 below) by which the unit is governed [for specifics with regard to promotion and tenure see FSH 3050B, 3320, 3520 G-1 and 3560 E-1]. Departments/programs may incorporate or adopt college bylaws by reference and colleges may incorporate or adopt specific relevant Faculty-Staff Handbook provisionsThe majority of the faculty of the unit must approve the bylaws and any revisions (see FSH 1520 II 1, II 3, & IV 8; and FSH 1540 A). Unit bylaws and revisions must be approved by the president, as required by Regents Policy III C. 3.  [rev. 7-12, ed. 7-14]

Unit bylaws are subordinate to policies within the Faculty-Staff Handbook, and each unit should review its bylaws annually for consistency with the Faculty-Staff Handbook (units are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from General Counsel).  The bylaws will undergo a thorough review and be re-approved at least every five years and copies shall be sent to the offices of the Faculty Secretary and Provost. [rev. 7-12, ed. 12-13]

B-1.  A unit's bylaws should contain the following information: [ed. 7-12, 7-14]

  • the mission statement of the unit, including the objectives of the unit and its role;
  • policies on unit governance, including rules of order, meeting procedures, quorum, attendance at meetings, student representation, and voting rights;
  • the organizational structure of the unit, including the responsibilities of the unit administrator and the constitution and function of committees, their terms, and selection procedure;
  • specific unit procedures, in addition to required human resources procedures, by which faculty and staff searches and hirings are conducted; [ed. 7-12]
  • the process for negotiation of annual position descriptions;
  • the unitís criteria and procedures for annual performance evaluation and third-year review;
  • the makeup of all review committees (third year, periodic and promotion) will include tenure-track faculty; [add. 7-14]
  • the unitís promotion and tenure guidelines [see 3050 B-1] and procedures; [ed. 7-12]
  • the procedures for amendment of the bylaws.

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