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January 2017




PREAMBLE: This section describes the creation and use of position descriptions that define responsibilities for faculty. This section was original to the 1979 Handbook; it has been editorially revised at intervals. In July 1998 the year covered by a position description was changed from an academic year to a calendar year. In July 2001 section B underwent some clarifying changes while the form itself underwent extensive revisions. In July 2007 the form underwent substantial revisions to address enforcement and accountability issues in the UI promotion and tenure process as well as to align the form with the Strategic Action Plan.  In 2009 the form was revised to better integrate faculty interdisciplinary activities (including ensuring communication among all parties and eliminating the need to obtain multiple signatures) and FSH 3140 was incorporated into this policy.  In January 2015 assessment language was added to the form. In 2016 a pilot form was introduced that reduced the amount of detail requested from faculty, streamlining the process and was ratified in January 2017 with minor edits. Further information may be obtained from the Provost's Office (208-885-6448). [rev. 7-98, 7-01, 7-07, 7-09, 1-15, 1-17, ed. 12-06]

A. GENERAL.  The position description establishes each faculty member's specific responsibilities in the four major responsibility areas identified in FSH 1565 C, Teaching and Advising, Scholarship and Creative Activities, Outreach and Extension, and University Service and Leadership. Faculty should be careful when preparing their position description to ensure they describe their goals and expectations in all responsibility areas. The position description serves a variety of important functions; in particular, it constitutes the essential frame of reference in annual performance evaluation of faculty members [see 3320], and consideration of faculty members for tenure and promotion [see 3520 and 3560]. [rev. 7-98, 1-17; ed. 7-00, 7-02, 7-09, 1-12, 10-16]

B.  PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS.  Expectations designated for individual faculty members to achieve tenure or promotion in rank or satisfactory performance evaluation must be compatible with the criteria of the department or other unit concerned.  Each faculty member is to be advised of these expectations in writing by the departmental or unit administrator at the time of appointment. [7-09 - original text from 3140 A]

B-1.  Expectations are specified in the current faculty position description and are the basis for the annual performance evaluation.  Expectations must not be greater than those that can be reasonably supported in the department or unit by providing sufficient time and resources. [rev. 7-09 - partial text from 3140 B-1, 4 & 5]

B-2.  Except by written agreement between the faculty member and the appropriate administrator, expectations for individual faculty members are in effect for a period of one calendar year.  [rev. 7-09 - original text from 3140 B-2]


C-1. The calendar year position description is recorded on the form at the bottom of this section with a due date established by the provost.  [rev. 7-98, 1-08, 7-09, ed. 7-01]

C-2. The form should be filled out in collaboration with the unit administrator.  Faculty members involved in interdisciplinary activities should check the box on the position description form and attach a narrative explaining their activities and listing units and members involved.  For faculty involved in interdisciplinary activities or with centers, the unit administrator is to solicit comments regarding the position description and discuss it with all interdisciplinary/center administrator(s) listed on the faculty member's narrative attached to the form.  The form is then to be signed by the faculty member, approved by the unit administrator and dean, and sent to the Provost's Office. [rev. 7-01, 7-02, 1-08, 7-09]

C-3.  Any change in duties or responsibilities that represents a significant departure from the position description is permitted only with the written consent of the faculty member and administrator involved.  A revised position description should be filed in this event. [7-09 - original text from 3140 B-3]

C-4. When the personnel activity report form (PAR) (see APM 45.09) is completed, the unit administrator should compare the data obtained for each faculty member with the corresponding position description. Perfect agreement between the position description and the record of actual performance is not necessarily expected, but it is desirable that any discrepancy between them be as small as is feasible. [ed. 7-01, 7-09]

Position Description Form (interactive Word) (non-interactive pdf) (MAC users) [add. 7-16, rev. 10-16] 


Instruction for interactive bar graph in Word file:


1.  right click on graph

2.  select "edit data"

3.  enter percentages

4.  graph automatically updates


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