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July 2009






PREAMBLE:  This section outlines certain salary information.  The material gathered here all formed a part of the 1979 Handbook.  Subsection B which was amended in December of 1981 to reflect the change over to the biweekly periods and again in July 2000 to reflect a change of procedure with regard to direct deposit of paychecks.  More information on any of these topics is available from Human Resources (208-885-3609).  [ed. 7-97, 7-05, rev. 7-00]


A. SALARY INFORMATION IS PUBLIC.  The salaries of UI employees are public information and that information may be obtained through the University Library (Department of Special Collections and Archives).  [rev. 7-09] 



B-1. Effective August 1, 2000, newly hired employees will need to designate a bank of their choice to which they authorize direct deposit of their paycheck.  Information on procedures is provided at New Employee Orientation and also in the Administrative Procedures Manual 55.05. [add. 7-00, ed. 1-08] 


B-2. Paychecks for employees hired before August 1, 2000 will continue to be available at the cashier's window in Business Systems and Accounting Services on the last working day of each biweekly payroll period following the period in which the payroll was earned (i.e. two weeks after the end of the pay period during which the payroll was earned.  If the last day of a payroll period is a holiday, checks will be available on the next working day. [rev. and ren. 7-00, ed. 6-09] 

C. INCOME TAX WITHHOLDING.  In accordance with federal and state laws, income tax is withheld from the salaries and wages of UI employees.  Each employee is responsible for filing an exemption certificate at Human Resources.  Statements of withholdings for income tax (W-2) are available about the third week in January; those for salaried employees are sent to departments for distribution, and temporary-help employees pick theirs up at the cashier's window in Business Systems and Accounting Services.  When leaving the employ of UI, employees should furnish the Payroll Office the address to which the W-2 form is to be mailed.  [ed. 7-97, 7-05, 6-09, ren. 7-00]


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