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July 2006



PREAMBLE: This section outlines the organization of intercollegiate athletics at UI, including a statement of philosophy. The original avatar of this section was a part of the 1979 Handbook. It was rewritten in February of 1980 to reflect the consolidation of men's and women's sports into a single athletic program. Since that time it has been revised to mark the dropping of men's baseball and women's field hockey (June, 1981) and men's swimming (November, 1986), and the addition of women's soccer, swimming, and golf (July 2006). In July of 1996 it was revised to take note of the shift to the Big West athletic conference and in July of 2006 a shift to the Western Athletic Conference. For further information, contact Athletic Department (208-885-0200). See also 4320.


A. Athletic Department

B. Statement of Philosophy

C. Competitive Structure

D. Sports Information

A. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT. The intercollegiate athletic program is administered by the Athletic Department. The department consists of the director of athletics, assistant director/senior women's administrator, senior associate athletic director, assistant director for development, and the staff, coaches, and trainers for seven men's and nine women's teams. Approximately 330 students participate in intercollegiate athletics. [rev. 7-06]


    B-1. The Athletic Department adheres to the belief that intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of the educational framework of the university. The athletic program for men and women serves as a method of education by which a significant contribution may be made to the total development of the student-athlete.

    B-2. The athletic program serves to inspire the pursuit of excellence through the honest effort and personal integrity of all concerned and through the provision of coaching, facilities, and equipment to enable student-athletes to realize their potential. In this way, the athletic program can be a source of pride for all associated with the university.

    B-3. The primary objective of the athletic program is to provide a quality competitive intercollegiate program for UI student-athletes that will enrich their lives, enhance the image of the institution, and be complementary to the academic mission of UI.

C. COMPETITIVE STRUCTURE. UI belongs to both regional and national athletic associations. Any full-time undergraduate student who meets the standards for eligibility of the governing association is eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. For men's and women's athletics, membership is held in the Western Athletic Conference and in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). UI fields teams for men in football, basketball, cross country, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, tennis, and golf. Women's teams compete in volleyball, basketball, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, tennis, cross country, soccer, swimming and golf. [rev. 7-06]

D. SPORTS INFORMATION. The director of sports information is responsible for publicity, promotion, and public relations for the intercollegiate athletic program. The duties of the director's office include preparation of publications and news releases, relations with sports news media, and coordination of press-box arrangements. [rev. 7-97]

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